RESTYLANE Vital Lidocaine
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RESTYLANE Vital Lidocaine

/ Reference : restylane_vital

Galderma RESTYLANE Vital 1 ml is a product based on hyaluronic acid treating mature skin and damaged by sun exposure.

Galderma RESTYLANE Vital 1ml has a long lasting effect thanks to its Micro deposits hyaluronic acid injected into the dermis about 1 cm apart.

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Skin TypeMature and damaged skin from the sun
Size gel particlesSmaller particles than Restylane
HA concentration20 mg / ml of stabilized hyaluronic acid
ConditioningInjection of 2 mL, 1 mL syringe
Injection zoneMiddle dermis
Recommended depthInitial protocol: 3 sessions spaced 4 weeks. Injections maintenance: every 6 months